Service tenet

1. Using science set up the model of fire civilization

2. The quality is my dignityThe

company promises:

(1). Provide all kinds of product technical data, specification and test report.

(2). The products are according to the relevant national laws and regulations issued by the ministry of public security in the conformity assessment of the relevant certificates and through the national fire product testing center of detectionAnd achieved national inspection report.Before delivery all pass strict examination, percent of pass is 100%.(3). All parts of the country have service, to provide you with debugging and installation services.Some products can offer free installation services.

(4) the qualified products by our company all can enjoy "3 packets" service.

(5). After-sales service response time: the local for 1 hour, long distance for 24 hours.

Extraction group (China) fire fighting equipment manufacturing co., LTD.              calls: 028-82688770

(formerly sichuan fire machinery general factory)                                                    24 hours after sale free special line:

Company address: chengdu salween district "chengdu crossstrait science and        400-055-0119

technology park"Xinhua avenue for a period of 8 toxicity group fire industry         fax: 028-82688739

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