Professional power

1. "chuan" fifty years fire professional manufacturing enterprise of the brand;

2. "chuan" - China's well-known trademarks;

3. "chuan" - sichuan province famous trademark

4. The chengdu local famous quality products;

5. Asia's largest integrated manufacturer of automatic fire extinguishing system products;

6. Domestic fire fighting equipment, one of the three largest premium brands;

7. The Olympic Games, world expo and the Asian games, the universiade and the national games venues main fire control products suppliers;

8. CNPC, sinopec, cnooc, main fire control products suppliers;

9. The first domestic developed automatic sprinkler system;

10. The domestic carbon dioxide extinguishing system, the first developed seven fluorin propane fire extinguishing system;

11. The first batch of successful development of foam extinguishing system;

12. The first batch of successful development of large space of digital image fire detection system, explosion-proof products;

13 domestic takes the lead in the introduction of Germany's Job nozzle production line, the nozzle annual production capacity of 6 million only;Automated production.

14. Automatic spray fireextinguishing products by the ministry of public security "3 c" certification, obtained the certificate 3 c product 35, 15 kinds of product type approval certificate, inspection report 196 kinds of products;

15. The fire industry the national standards, industry standards, ministerial standard, local standard of sichuan province is mainly responsible for compiling and revising unit;

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