Career development and training

Employees' career development    

Company insists on creating employee career development of individual and enterprise platform.According to the nature of jobs and the characteristics of the combination of employee career interest and expertise, set up management, professional and technical, marketing, mechanic five jobs, career paths, employees' career development and performance appraisal, compensation and other associated, better meet the needs of the professional development of all kinds of personnel.At the same time, the company set up more scientific talent evaluation mechanism and selection of elimination mechanism, fully implementing all kinds of talent team echelon construction, provides diversified growth opportunities for employees.

Employee training

Companies adhere to the value of human capital from various posts and staff quality and skill at the level of comprehensive promotion, advocating "perfect self, beyond the self" learning philosophy.Has now set up is given priority to with internal part-time lecturer, external expert auxiliary system of lecturer, more perfect training system.Form the post tutorial system, lectures and self-study combining forms of diversity training employees.Employees enjoy abundant training package, including new staff induction training, pre-job training, professional and technical lecture, on-the-job training, management training and promotion to increase training, performance excellent employees will also enjoy the study abroad and outside training, etc.Company to establish and improve the knowledge management system, and actively nurture full study, group learning, lifelong learning, good atmosphere, is committed to eliminate sichuan into a learning organization, to achieve continuous coordinated development of the enterprise and the staff.

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