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Inviting agent

Due to the need of regional business development, extraction and fire fighting equipment manufacturing co., LTD. (China) for guizhou, qinghai, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, Tibet autonomous region inviting regional agents.

Apply for extraction group (China) fire equipment co., LTD., the agent should possess the following qualifications:

1, has the enterprise as a legal person qualifications.

2, the area of fire control products have a deeper knowledge and understanding.

3, the company have the ability to expand the market.

4, with "sichuan" enterprise culture, willing to long-term cooperation with "sichuan", carry out brand promotion.

Extraction group (China) fire fighting equipment manufacturing co., LTD promises:

- to assist the agent in aspects of management, marketing, customer development, giving a strong training and the greatest support!

- push the agent steady development and create a better profit opportunities!

 Other details please call negotiate or negotiable:

Tel:028—82688770—8186 028-82688197

Company website:

The agent application form (click to download the form)

company name
Method one
Set up the time
The registered capital
Nature of the company□Sole proprietorship □A joint venture □otherThe registered address
The contact
Hand machine
The phone company
Business address
The main products of the current
The current sales wayphone □Home visits □agency □retail □outlets other__________
Enterprise is the basic introduction:
Apply for joining reason:
The company's future planning 2-3 years:
Nearly two years the annual scale
The annual

The total number of employees

         1, the above information will be strictly confidential, not as other USES besides the inviting agency!
        2, after this form is completed, please send to:;
        3, consultation telephone: 028—82688770—8185

If your company can meet the demands of our agent, and related personnel will contact you in time.

Thank you for your submission.

Extraction group (China) fire fighting equipment manufacturing co., LTD.              calls: 028-82688770

(formerly sichuan fire machinery general factory)                                                    24 hours after sale free special line:

Company address: chengdu salween district "chengdu crossstrait science and        400-055-0119

technology park"Xinhua avenue for a period of 8 toxicity group fire industry         fax: 028-82688739

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